Anita has such a positive energy and vibe. With her beautiful, infectious smile, she makes you feel really comfortable and welcome as soon as you join the class. She remembers each students strengths and weaknesses and tailors the class to meet all needs.
After just three weeks of her classes, I can feel such a difference in my strength, body and flexibility - learning more in this time, than my entire yoga journey! Not just progressing physically, but also mentally - with the injection of fun that Anita brings to class, she has helped with the confidence to get into poses that I never thought would be possible.
I cannot recommend Anita's classes enough. I guarantee you will come out feeling completely relaxed and energised at the same time and she will definitely leave you wanting more!

Kayleigh Mcleod

I cannot recommend Anita highly enough. Easily the best yoga instructor I have trained under.

I have always struggled with flexibility issues due to injuries accumulated through years of martial arts training and competition, which unsurprisingly resulted in restricted joint mobility.

I have never been a fan of yoga, I've found it frustrating as i was unable to stretch or even hold the poses for a long time, with control. Thanks to Anita Ive had a wholly different experience.

Anita brings a vitality, joy and positively unique energy to her classes. Thanks to her patience and coaching my mobility and flexibility, core strength and control have skyrocketed and is only going to keep improving. This culminated in finally being able to achieve the Wheel pose (something I've struggled to do for years) after just a few short weeks of her classes.

 has something offer everyone. Take a class with her, I promise you wont regret it.

Paul Starrs

Highly recommend Anita's classes. With her big smile she makes you feel energized and positive.She is super experienced and brings an amazing energy.
I find her classes well balanced with just the right amount of challenging postures & relaxation. I always feel great after taking her class.

Joanna Acha Rosiak

Just completed another great zoom yoga session with Anita. Her warm welcome and professional instruction throughout the class puts you at ease and reassures you throughout. As a beginner, she has given me confidence to try something new at a rate that is always comfortable, offering alternative poses throughout the class to accommodate all levels. If you are on the fence about yoga, I urge you to give her class a try!

Amanda Holland

Anita is a fantastic person and a wonderful teacher.
The classes are always varied and interesting, working new muscles and areas. One of the best things about Anita's teaching style is her ability to create effective workouts that are always ecclectic. She uses a range of different poses and I felt muscles being worked that I had never felt used before in previous yoga classes.
She adapts the poses based on your level, ability or simply what you might feel like that day. She creates a warm, comforting and welcoming environment in her classes, so any fear of feeling self conscious quickly slips by the wayside and you are able to freely enjoy the movement of your body.
The relaxation is always one of my favourite parts. Something that stood out for me in Anita's lesson is how she helps you relieve any built up tension in your body, tension you didn't even realise was there. Through self massage and soothing guidance you are truly able to let things go. Perfect before bed time.
I always finish the class feeling invigorated and relaxed.
I highly recommend Anita for all your yoga wishes.

Julia Brun

I highly recommend Anita's Classes, in and out of a studio. If you're new to yoga or not, it's a fab class to do. She brings beautiful and positive energy to the studio/room with just her welcoming smile before she has even begun her class. Anita has been amazing on Zoom since the lockdown started. She provides an extremely professional set up and a great class in the comfort of your own home. Giving us all something to look forward to each week and on yogi days. Anita makes you want to go back for more as you surprise and better yourself. The difference it brings to your body and mind is fantastic. Thank you Anita for being you, showing us how its done and helping us to find growth within ourselves.

Lisa Duff

An amazing teacher! I was very not flexible and after only 3 weeks I saw the difference.
I am more toned and flexible!
Thank you very much, you are very the best!

Johanna Hi

Enjoying the yoga classes a lot! Already feeling the benefits and can touch my toes! Those 45 minutes just fly by!
Looking forward to the next classes!

Nelma Gordon